June 4th-July 9th


POP! POP! POW is Location Gallery’s first Pop Art show. Whether inspired by pop culture or a pop color palette, the artwork in this show is brash, colorful and eye popping by 3 Savannah artists-Maxx Feist, Marta McWhorter and Peter E. Roberts.

Gallery profits are donated to Savannah Philharmonic. We thought it was a great way to promote good cheer for a hopeful future. And to add to the festivities, members of the Savannah Philharmonic will be performing pop songs, live at the opening.


through July 9th


The sights of Savannah are reinterpreted as the classic board game, Monopoly! 30+ small works in a variety of mediums by Randy Akers, August Alderman, Lino Azevedo, Andre Bertolino, Lennie Ciliento, Antoine deVilliers, Joy Dunigan, Jenny Eitel, Robin Johnson, David Laughlin, Heather MacRae, Michael Mahaffey, Rubi McGrory, Lisa Ocampo, Michelle Perez, Jose Ray, Peter E. Roberts, Bryan Stovall, Lisa D. Watson, Heather Young and Jason Zimmer.

Gallery profits from show are donated to 

Habitat for Humanity of the Coastal Empire.


July 16th-August 13th


An egg, a rose, a donut, an oyster, a face card, a zodiac sign and many other items usually come in a group of twelve. This show features individual items highlighted on their own by more than baker's dozen of local artists across a variety of mediums and interpretations.

Gallery profits from show are donated to Forsyth Farmer's Market

and their dollar doubling program for SNAP.