__________Dozen Inventory

Thanks for submitting!

(Fill In Amount) DOZEN by Various Artists, opens Friday July 16th 2021, 6-8PM with gallery profits donated to programs at Forsyth Farmer’s Market throughout the run of show.

Artists may produce up to 3 pieces but before committing, be mindful of timeline.

Art must be of 1 singular item that comes in a set of twelve. All mediums accepted but must come finished with end to end wiring for hanging.

All finished work must be square and can be 12" x 12", 24" x 24" or 36" x 36". This size includes framed work.
In keeping with the "12" theme, this was the best way to display however many dozen pieces of art for a better exhibition experience.

Timeline is as follows. Submission is the sooner the better for planning purposes.
As we have limited wall space at our new location, we do expect to fill up quickly.
Submission page will stop, once the walls have filled.
Hi-Res jpeg must be emailed no later than June 15th.