LOVE SHAX to benefit First City Pride Center in Savannah

LOVE SHAX opens Saturday, October 8th, 2022 at Location Gallery to kick off Savannah Gay Pride Month at 251 Bull St from 4-7pm. Gallery profits from show are donated to our First City Pride Center. Artists receive 50% of sale.

We are providing unfinished small birdhouses in multiples of 3 to participating LGBTQIA artists. The birdhouses measure 4.33" tall by 3.46" wide. Each artist is asked to bring their own style and talent to finish a minimum of 3 birdhouses, or multiples of 3, from 6 to 9 to 12.


Using the form below, please reply no later than June 17th, or earlier, so we can order the proper amount of birdhouses.
Birdhouses will be distributed no later than July 1st to give you 8 weeks/2months to return finished birdhouses by Sept 1st.  
We are doing professional photography on all the work for media kits, press releases and social media.

As the pieces are small, be mindful of your time spent as pricing should not go over $200 with $75 to $125 being the optimum price range.

Birdhouse Amount

Thanks for submitting!