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OPENS MAY 13TH, 5-8pm


KIPLING COLLINS was born in the rural south, Kipling took to design and art at an early age. Throughout his childhood, he developed an appreciation for art in all forms. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Kipling's life would be centered upon his passion for art and design. Formal education was to take him from New York to Rome. The classical Italian influence long apparent in his work eventually gave way to a bold, modern style. In 2005 His "Incendiary Art"  began employing the elements of earth, fire and water to his canvas resulting in pieces richly saturated in vivid hues and layers of bold texture. In 2014 Kipling returned to painting rural scenes, landscapes and vibrant still lifes. After years of dividing his time between the USA and Italy Kipling now resides in the coastal lowlands of South Carolina

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