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Raised by semi-alcoholic wolves in the tony suburb of Greenfield Hill in Fairfield, Connecticut,

PETER E. ROBERTS grew up amidst impromptu gatherings of neighbors, extended family and

cronies from the Manhattan

commuter train. The ribald,

oft-repeated stories from those gatherings led to an early fascination of potentially explosive social situations.

     Exposure to a great aunt’s personal cache of Mardi Gras Krewe invitations from the 1930s cemented a lurid fascination of how the celebrated night began, why it ended and who were the guests that may have behaved “badly”. This innate love of storytelling led to a BFA in Video from Savannah College of Art and Design and over a decade in television advertising and production.

    Concurrently producing invitations, proclamations and various paperama led to several GraphicDesignUSA Awards and the opening of Blackbird Press.​

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