Oil, measures 8" x 10"

"When my time is over and I am no longer here

I will float off on a grand adventure without any fear

I will travel to the garden of death where so many have gone before

A forever calm surrounds me as I pass through the garden’s door


The magical place reaches out well beyond my sight

Canopied with the bluest-black; yet strangely bright as light

The garden that lingers in dreams, never day, never night

Dark silhouettes of trees rise up through the hedgerow

A jasmine-perfumed mist meanders through them...slow


Dewdrops on petals glisten like sequins on a gown

The rarest blossoms parading like a night out on the town

​I make my way down a path of moss-covered stones

Feeling very welcome here; just me and my bones


A kiss from Cleopatra, A game of cards with Socrates

All of these dear post-mortems put me quite at ease

There is no pain, no sorrow, no need of a single breath

I have found my eternal home here in the garden of death


An elegant party with friends of the past and some I never knew

I will make my way to the rose-covered trellis where I will wait for you.

Lisa Ocampo - "In the Garden of Death"

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