Oil, measures 12" x 16"

"Dear Mother Earth,

I wish I could write you a love letter that expresses my care and gratitude. Unfortunately, I was born like all the others with a selfish human attitude. Since the start of time, you have given of yourself all that we could ever need. Yet we respond to your never-ending kindness with self-entitled greed. You provide us with rich land to grow food, build homes, and enjoy the flowers. But we shear the earth of all her trees to construct industrial towers. We plow ahead with our manufactured lives thinking nature is a joke. While busy purifying our water and breathing toxic smoke. We fight over the right to drain the planet but spill the oil into the sea. Then cover up our mistakes with islands of plastic debris. You send floods and fires and hurricanes screaming at us to realize. Still, we continue devouring our resources without a thought to apologize. Now you send a plague shouting at us to stop, but we are so vain. Dear Mother Earth will us humans ever be humane?

With many regrets, A. human"

Lisa Ocampo - "Mother Earth"

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