Oil, measures 12" x 24

"She poured glue on the floor and her dad got stuck

He held his temper but Penny said “F_ _k”

As time went on and she got older

Penny got bigger and her pranks got bolder


Her parents begged her “Please be nice!”

She grinned with a mouthful of spit and a headful of lice

“My name is Dreadful and that’s what I’ll be.

You don’t know what it is like to be me!”


She ran out of the house and into the street

And knocked an old lady right off of her feet

She screamed at the mailman and threw a rock at a boy

Then pushed him down and stole his toy


The school closed down and neighbors moved away

Far from Penny they wanted to stay

She didn’t care as she scratched her fleas

She went into the woods and burned down the trees


Then Penny got bored, she was all alone

Not one friend, no one to phone​

So she stole a car and ran away

The cruelest joke that she could play


The cops were called and Penny went to jail

She told the judge to go to hell

Now she sits in her cell with friends aplenty

Inmate Dreadful—first name Penny"

Lisa Ocampo - "Penny Dreadful"

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