Oil, measures 12" x 24"

The Hidden Clown

"What is under that colorful paint?

Are you a monster or are you a saint?

A bloody red mouth painted on as a smile .

What happens if it fades after a while?


Are you still happy or do you start to rage

Like a creature that belongs in an iron cage?

The stars and sequins around your sparkling eyes

Are they really twinkling tears in disguise?


You say nothing, not one word

To be frightened of you seems absurd

Joy surrounds you yet you remain silent

Never such calm seemed so violent


Tell me clown, what do you hide?

A broken heart...someone lied?

Will washing your paint off set you free?

Am I scared of you or are you scared of me?"

Lisa Ocampo - "The Broken Hearted Clown"

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