Oil, measures 10" x 20"

"I have a little secret,I probably shouldn’t tell.

This thing I know,I know it very well.

When the moon shines on the sea

placid feeling washes over me.

Stars shine, a song bird sings.

Oh the visitors the high tide brings.

They’ll not tarry long.

Time only for a final song.

Only my ears hear the tune.

See them now, they’ll be gone soon.

Every-time they comethey are just as sure to go.

The final act in a dead-man's show.

From the grave they come, true come for me?come for you?

They are here they are there.

I reckon they’re ‘bout everywhere.

I fear I fret not

they don’t want what I have got.

The secret I can keep no more?

They’re coming for you and

They’re at your door!"

Tiffany O'Brien - "A Secret I Shouldn't Tell"

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