Oil, measures 8.5" x 15.5"

"I got dolled up in my finest dress,

right before I settled in for a little rest


Flora and fauna speckle the room

I really hope you’ll be coming soon.


These satin sheets are so exquisite

you promised you were coming for a visit.


My face is fair, my hair is coiffed

The music plays so very soft.


People come and the people go

I’m the reason for this spectacular show.


I see my friends and friends yet to be

I really hoped you would come to me


.I’m quite certain it was nothing I said,

it couldn’t be, for I am dead.


I was there but I guess you were not

somehow I reckon you just forgot.


If you WERE there it’s ok

I couldn’t open my eyes anyway.

Tiffany O'Brien - "I Didn't See You at My Funeral"

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