Pencil, measures 4" x 6"

"Mr. Grave Digger you don’t scare me,

I owe you not one single dime.

Sorry, it’s just not my time.


You can tease me with your gloomy delights,

I don’t care, I’m ready to fight.


There is more to this life than a heart beat.

I’ll not lay under the morgue’s finest sheet.


If an angel comes to take me home

I’ll snatch her wings and send her on.


I’ve things to see and more to do.

I just don’t have any time for you.


You are mighty handsome and so beguiling.

Nope, still won’t stop me from smiling.


I’m sure someone is ready to go.

Take her for the journey below.


The life I live is quite divine.

Mr. Grave Digger - to the back of the line!"

Tiffany O'Brien - "Living Dead"

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