Oil, measures 12" x 24"

"I had a little dream.

A dream I could not be seen.

I devised a quick plan.

Off to the closet I ran.


Mama’s sheets were way up high,

I can reach them if I try.

Florals, stripes and polk-a-dot

.Let’s see here what all I’ve got.


The flowers are pretty.

I think they’ll do.

I just need one...well maybe two.


She hid the scissors,

I don’t know why.

I’ll grab a knife and give that a try.



Perfect as can be.

I’m pretty sure this’ll work for me.


Over my head it goes.

Hiding my noggin to my toes.

Nobody can see me for this I am sure.

Now out and about for a haunting tour.”

Tiffany O'Brien - "Pinkie and Butch"

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