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   Born a Taurus during the Age of Aquarius in Venice, Florida,

JON ARGE showed promise in nothing other than reckless self-expression from the start. Much to the relief of his apprehensive, but still largely supportive parents, he moved on at an early age from wall based, large scale abstract murals in lipstick to smaller, more concise renderings in ink on paper.

   Graduating from high school in the mid 1980's, he attended on scholarship the Savannah College of Art & Design. There he continued to sharpen his many interests (including arguing with authority and defending his often odd, always difficult visions) until he was finally asked to leave the school in a lovely, if not a bit short, ceremony.

   In 1991 he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he dabbled eagerly, and with much glee, in nonsense and art for more than a decade. Collected worldwide, he has established a committed following of equal parts commercial and private clients while his corporate commissions have included such diverse houses as IBM, Coca-Cola, and Turner. Having exhibited throughout the South, he was one of eleven artists chosen for the 2001 Atlanta Biennial and in 2010 the readers of GA Voice voted him Best Local Artist.

   In 2009, after a four-year apprenticeship in North Carolina with an internationally recognized contemporary realist painter, he began traveling on his own.

   He currently resides in every single one of his pieces.

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