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In one word, what is your present state of mind? 



Were there any particular challenges or new techniques used when creating this work?

I used to use fast drying mediums to make sure that my oil paintings were dry for            shows, but I found that creating washes with Gamsol for the first layer of paint, letting      that dry, then finishing up with just as much linseed oil as I need to get the paint to        dance on the canvas work best when creating a lot of pieces at a time. 


How many UFOs have you seen?

One, in the DR when I was around seven years old.  I was leaving my best friend's        house in Provincia Espaillat (aka Moca).  She lived next door, so the run back home        and away from alien abduction was quite short, thankfully.  Unless that was an                  implanted memory so that I may never reveal the truth. 


Aside from art, what were your favorite school subjects in school?

I have always been fascinated by science and biology, it's actually how I got into              making art.  I enjoyed studying life as it changed, like tadpoles, seedlings, and drawing    cells and diagrams from books.  In fifth grade my mom took me to the local butcher to      obtain a cow's heart for a class presentation, it was my idea.  I still remember how            heavy it felt in my hands! I also loved math, specifically algebra, it was like solving             puzzles!  So satisfying!  


Name 3 people, living or dead, that inspire you the most.

Gandhi, the artist James Jean, and my mother. 


What is your favorite snack food?

I have a thing for medjool dates, especially paired with salty cashews or macadamia        and dark chocolate with some black tea splashed with oat milk....Hmmmm!   Also a    good salty tomato on its own will make my day any day! 


What 2 colors have you put together that resulted in an unexpectedly amazing color        combination?

I love using variations of purples mixed with yellow ochre to create browns and                indicated darks and lights.

Spare Parts is an array of appendages rendered in oil on canvas by Michelle Perez. Whether hands, feet or posteriors, each work depicts ways to celebrate our unique commonalities via extremities. February 10th to March 17th in our Main Gallery.

What do you listen to when creating artwork?

I cycle through e-books, podcasts, and music.  Podcasts are good studio company, listening to stories helps me focus. 


What famous artwork blew your mind when finally seen in person?

I used to like Frida Kahlo, but when I saw her exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2008 I fell in love with her work. Her paintings have  a big presence for being so intimate and medium-small in scale. They are like puzzles packed with details and symbolism. 


What is the most important trait for an artist to have?

Perseverance, humility, and patience.

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